Queer cultural genocide is on the rise worldwide

Hungary has just passed an archaic provision that will trample any semblance of queer rights within the country. Viktor Orbán’s far-right majority have been trampling on the rights of LGBT people since their rise to power. His national assembly ignored a last-minute plea by Europe’s leading human rights officials by legislation that bans LGBT content … Read More

Conversion Therapy Victimizes Gay Youth

Gay conversion therapy is a harmful practice that can lead to all sorts of emotional and physical abuse. We banned it in many states. In other states doctors speak out against this. They know conversion therapy does not work so they do not offer it. However, there are still plenty of people out there who … Read More

Queer culture, Joe Biden is our false messiah

It is beyond my understanding why queer culture overwhelmingly supports the Biden-Harris administration or the democratic party. Yet, they have not done much to help us. That’s without bringing transgender or intersex people into the equation.  Meanwhile, we see that the gays fervently opposed the previous administration run by Donald Trump. However, he outrightly favored … Read More