Inclusivity is a must. Stand up now!

The LGBT community is not a monolith. There are many different LGBT people. However, LGBT rights have been in the news recently because of challenges to our fundamental rights as LGBT people. Inclusivity requires us to work together.

The convention of states movement has been gaining steam, and it’s time for us to stand up for ourselves. Black lives matter, too, but they need help to fight back against the discrimination that led to the movement’s creation.

I am writing this to reach out to all my fellow homos in Texas. I want to share with you some startling facts. These are laws that override federal regulation and remove our rights as queer individuals.

Exclusivity is a problem in the USA

  • In Texas, we have no statewide protections to keep us working. That means if your employer wants to fire you for being yourself, they can.
  • We are banned indefinitely from donating blood. You can read more about this in our discrimination article about medical oppression.
  • Texas has no laws to protect minors against legal abuse or gay conversion therapy. That is legal torture, so explore and understand more here.

Inclusivity is a fight inside and outside of Texas

We can piggyback off the data mentioned above. In nearly half of the USA, we do not have protection from conversion therapy. Some straight people fight for our rights. Others are clueless about our struggles. There is a small minority that wants to see us disappear.

States where inclusivity does not exist.

We can make the change that we want to see for inclusivity. We need to stand together and be the beacon of light that we need.

Inclusivity matters – Black lives matter, trans lives matter, gay lives matter

Oppression is faced differently by each group of oppressed individuals. Let’s focus on Black Lives Matter and give the movement the recognition it deserves. 

The LGBTQ community should be at the forefront of this movement. We know oppression all too well, and the struggle faced by us is similar to that faced by our oppressed peers.

However, in the gay community, we continue to see a massive divide in the ranks of society. Why do we continue to hate on other people outside of our race? We need to stop this. 

The government is not helping us, and we are not helping each other. We must change. Why is it that we can unite to fight for same-sex equality, but when we see our chosen family killed, we keep our mouths shut?

Critical race theory divides our country. Schools teach it as fact to our students. Children are afraid to talk about important matters. We cannot progress if we live in fear of talking about these important subjects. We cannot teach our children to work together if we are divided. 

The United States government is working to divide us, not unite us.

Convention of states

This movement is by and large one of the best things that we can do to protect ourselves. We need to stop getting shot. We need to control the racial divide present in the gay community.

Convention of states unites people. It pulls people together for a common cause. It puts control back in our hands. We can work together to implement change.

If we cannot work together and change within our community and its subculture, we fall flat.

Let’s take a brief look at Martin Luther King and his movement for equality. Was this achieved overnight? No. Did the division accomplish this? No. We can see throughout history that standing together, we make advances.

The animal kingdom shows this. Bees work in unison to scare off dead prey. Fish swim together to overwhelm animals, trying to eat them. We should take a look at nature and understand that unity is better than division.

To all my trans guys, gals, and nonbinary pals: we understand your struggle. We want you to feel included. Join us in fighting against the oppression we face daily.

Join our family of inclusivity. We can change the United States for the better, but we can’t do it alone. We need your support.

Inclusivity is a convention of states

A convention of states is the people coming together. When we do this, we can change the course of action taken by the government. Do you want to stop being killed by police? Work together and fight the government.

Do you want to stop being fired for being yourself? Don’t move. Work with the people around you to implement a change. Do you want gun reform? Work together to make it happen.

Everything here has a common theme. That theme is unity.

Unity is a theme that is very prevalent in our community. Yet, we often ignore this in favor of preferential selection. When we are all harmed, there is no preference.

When we are all harmed, there is only one solution: working together.

What can we do?

Take action for inclusivity

The next step is to check out this page. If you agree with the mission, then sign the petition. Someone from our inclusivity team will be in touch with you. Congratulations on taking the first step to making a change!

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