Conversion Therapy Victimizes Gay Youth

Gay conversion therapy is a harmful practice that can lead to all sorts of emotional and physical abuse. We banned it in many states. In other states doctors speak out against this. They know conversion therapy does not work so they do not offer it.

However, there are still plenty of people out there who believe this is an effective way to help LGBT youth become straight. This article will outline how gay conversion therapy affects Gay Youth’s health, where it is legal and where it isn’t, why this is child abuse, and what we can do to stop it.

A History of Gay Conversion Therapy

Gay conversion therapy has been around for more than a century. Doctors subjected us to all sorts of treatments and attempted to change us. The “treatments” they give us include hypnosis, electroshock, and aversion training.

Aversion training is giving painful stimuli either on the skin or genitals. In this common practice doctors hurt us after showing us pictures to elicit a sexual response from us.

“Reparative therapy” is a broader term for any treatment that seeks to change someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity. 

This form of conversion can include talk therapy, prayer, acupuncture, medication, social interventions, or aversive conditioning techniques (like giving electric shocks).

In extreme cases doctors castrated us and gave us “heterosexual” testicles in a ploy to “cure” us of our homosexuality.

The Harmful Effects Gay Conversion Therapy Causes

We can begin with the mental effects of conversion therapy because they are the long last effects of undergoing this type of therapy.

PTSD can occur due to this therapy and has a long-lasting impact on the individuals subjected to the inhumane and abhorrent practice.

The Ozanne Foundation conducted a study on faith and sexuality. Of the 281 people surveyed, we see the effects of this on their mental health and the numbers and percentages staggeringly high.

Below is a list of mental trauma and its impact on these LGBTQ youth. To say the least, it is despairing.

70% of people surveyed experienced suicidal thought.

More than one in three people attempted suicide.

Depression and anxiety resulted in the need for medication eas experienced by almost 60% of LGBTQ youth exposed to conversion therapy practices.

Over 40% of people surged inflicted self-harm on themselves.

Almost a quarter of those questioned in the surgery developed eating disorders.

We need to fight against conversion therapy. The lifestyles we live are natural and no different than heterosexual lifestyles.

However, churches and religious organization teach that we are wrong for being ourselves. They brainwash people into thinking we are bad. 

This belief is entirely contrary to what we see in the animal kingdom, where we see even lions engaging in gay activity.

Reparative Therapy Is A Problem

The IFGE (Independent Forensics Expert Group) and IRCT (International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims) have stated that Conversion therapy is a global problem. It violates international treaties that protect citizens of the world from torture.

The IRCT calls for a ban on conversion, an archaic and awful practice that would significantly advance protections for LGBTQ+ youth.

You should know that even though this still happens, doctors and medical professionals widely condemn it.

Below there will be some images that should be disturbing. Paola Paredes undertook research in gay conversion therapy in Ecuador. She re-enacted some of the scenes described to her in interviews with victims of conversion therapy.

We included these images you understand what conversion therapy is like for gay people or trans people and elicit an emotional response for change.

We provided links where you can read more about this horrible practice and petition a change to better our society and focus on inclusivity rather can abuse.

A girl is beaten with a wire for failing to gather her belongings quickly enough.
A girl is beaten with a wire for failing to gather her belongings quickly enough.
A common practice where individuals are forced by to repent for their sins.
A common practice where individuals are forced by to repent for their sins.
Beaten, tied and sedated - people are taken to conversion therapy without consent.
Beaten, tied and sedated – people are taken to conversion therapy without consent.

What Can We do to Stop this?

People propose petitions on which call for banning conversion therapy in countries around the world. You can start by signing a petition or talking to your local government officials.

The next thing that we can do is stop supporting businesses that donate money or time to promote anti-LGBT rhetoric.

This list of companies support money to conversion therapy isn’t complete, but it is an excellent start to understanding where your money is going and how it might be being used to affect you or someone in your family negatively. 

The top offender is ATT which has donated over $2,755,000 to 193, anti-gay politicians.

Next, we need to focus on religious teaching.

Talk to your faith leader and discern their thoughts.

Then ask yourself, are you at the proper organization for your beliefs?

We can prevent childhood trauma, but many people highly indoctrinated in religious settings listen to their priests. Unfortunately, not all religious leaders agree with the words in this article. 

Finally, you can spread the word by sharing this post with anyone who needs to see it.

Don’t take this lightly. The effects of social isolation and results from this form of treatment are not experiences lightly. Sharing this hopefully convinces others to join the fight for the change that we all need and are looking for. 

I hope you all stay safe and can see why we need a change. If this article has upset you, I apologize, but I hope it can light a fire within you to fight for progression. We achieve more together than we do alone. Read more about our activism and help make a change.

As always, have a gay day!

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