What is a gay Activist and who are they?

Gay Activists Worldwide

The United States and the UK have many gay activists who fight for equality and justice. Everyday they fight for our rights. Elton John, an English gay activist, Lil Nas X, George Michael, and Laverne Cox are just a few who come to mind. In this list we never want to recognize those from different parts of the world. Why do their struggles never get told?

There are .any notable and successful members of the LGBT community in an all-out battle with their respective governments. Now let’s hear about them and their stories because they fight for equality and acceptance. 

In this list of famous LGBT artists and activists you’ll learn about less known activists with remarkable stories. We want you to keep reading to learn more and recognize them during this pride month. 

LGBT Prominence in the Middle East

It’s no secret that the Middle East is not the most gay-friendly, this is important. Some countries such as Iran and Brunei, governments slaughter us for being who we are.

For this reason, I think that makes the story of these artists that much more exciting and worthy of being shared. For those who may not know about them, here are some worlwide activists.

Çağla Akalın

Çağla Akalın model shoot

This trans gay activist, actress, and model making waves in the Middle East. She holds the first pageant title of any transgender person in Turkey won 2013 at the Miss queen competition.

Her activism is being outspoken about the oppression faced by the LGBTQ community living in Turkey. An online content platform even received a fine after having her on the show to talk about her experiences. 

Because of this she is an icon for the gay rights movement in the Middle East. She is more than worthy of this list.

Dalia Al-Faghal

Dalia Al Faghal instagram photo

Coming out as the first lesbian Egyptian is hard. Being gay in Egypt, like many countries in the Middle East, is illegal. 

The social stigma surrounding homosexuality is very prominent in the Middle East. They oppress so badly that a British man had his life support turned off in Cairo. After he died the country refused to send his body back to the UK. 

The gay activist Al Faghal grew up in Saudi Arabia then came out as lesbian and immediately faced backlash. People sent her death threats and messages comparing her to animals. Some even resorted to saying that she is the cause of the apocalypse.

Mashrou’ Leila

Mashrou Leila interview about lgbt rights

For starters, this is a band, not a person. They have a long history of being outspoken and political regarding gay rights in the Middle East. Originally from Lebanon, this band has had many concerts canceled. 

One concert in Egypt became a national scandal after videos and pictures of it were released. Simply for including the rainbow flag and people standing in solidarity, they got cancelled. In their music, they aim to give a voice to the voiceless.

Asian Allies and Human Rights Defenders

Many Asian countries accept and recognize diversity, but others greatly shun it. Here are some LGBT celebrities that break the mold and transcend the pitfalls of oppression in Asia.  

Leslie Cheung

Leslie Cheung with makeup

This gay activist deserves more credit as a true star. His activism and overtly gay music have inspired many in the Chinese-speaking world. Leslie showed gay people are positive and worthy of acceptance and equal rights. This same-sex marriage. 

His defining moment came in 1997. During a queer performance in he danced on stage intimately with a male dance to his song “red.”

In 1998 he received mockery at the Hong Kong film awards, describing a motion picture of his as vomit-inducing. 

After a long struggle with depression, he sadly committed suicide on April 1, 2003. You will always live on in our hearts as the pioneer that you are, Leslie!

Xian, Bin Xu

Xian Bin Xu smiling on a chair

This activist became inspired to begin fighting for our rights in China after studying abroad in the USA. She works for Common Language, an NGO, and is considered a driving factor in China’s LGBT movement. 

Ji Mi (吉米)

Ji mi Chinese celebrity

Ji Mi is often viewed as the first celebrity to publicly come out as gay in mainland China. This singer challenges the status quo with his music and movies. He founded a vocal school in 2000 geared at cosmetology and later developed his own cosmetics line. 

The LGBT Human Rights Watch of Europe

Pedro Zerolo

Pedro Zerolo speaking out for gay rights

Pedro zerolo ensured that Spain was one of the first countries in the world to recognize same-sex marriage. For his activism, he gained respect across all political factions.

Unfortunately, he passed away on June 9, 2015, from pancreatic cancer. This sent the nation’s LGBT people and those worldwide into a state of remembrance. Thank you, Pedro. We won’t forget your efforts.

Rosa Von Praunheim

Rosa van Praunheim gay director and artist

A gay director and artist who began fighting the good fight in 1967 and received an award for this short film titled “Pink Workers on Golden Street.” Through his works, he sought to inspire the apolitical members of our community into activism and encouraged them to come out of the closet. 

Rosa Von Praunheim understood the value and importance of standing together. We should not cower at the hands of homophobic people. Let’s challenge governments and institutions worldwide to accept us.

Lady Phyll

Lady Phyll black LGBT activist

Lady Phyll is a proud Black woman and British gay rights activist. She has challenged the notion of history in Britain and its teachings from a young age. 

She fights for fair representation of BAME and LGBT minorities. We don’t learn about this in history in the United Kingdom. This makes her a strong supporter of the civil rights movement.

She is worthy of this article because she is fighting for fair representation. Not for just one oppressed minority, but many. Her continuous searching for a coalition to human rights violations is applaudable.  

Gay Activist in the Americas

Claudia Lopéz

Caludia Lopez in front of fountain

Claudia López is Bogotá’s first openly gay mayor. Not to mention, the second most notable politician to hold office in her municipality.  She spent her career exposing corruption within the Colombian government. She brings to light the struggles of the LGBT people within the country. 

In December of 2019, she married her wife, representative Angelica Lozano Correa and took office in January of 2020. 

Keila Simpson

Keila Simpson Brazilian trans activist

As an activist of the LGBT movement since 1990, Keila Simpson leades the National Association of Transsexuals (ANTRA). She served as vice president of the Brazilian Association of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Intersex (ABGLT) group in Brazil. 

She also served as the national council to combat LGBT discrimination in Brazil in 2013. As a result, she received the National Human Rights Award. This award is for outstanding service provided to the LGBT population in Brazil. 

She is continuing to fight for the LGBT population in Brazil. She serves as coordinator for the Center for the Promotion and Defense of LGBT rights(CPDD).   

Ilse Fuskova

Isle Fuskova LGBTQ activist

This well-known Argentine activist fights for both LGBT rights and women’s rights. She is also known for her activism. Her art and films and led her to come out of the closet on live television in Argentina. She’s currently 91 years meaning she has decades of activism fighting for equality. 

Australian Gay Civil Rights Activist

Andrea Pejic

Andrea Peji trans model

Andreja Pejić is an icon for LGBT individuals everywhere for a multitude of reasons. In 2011, she walked the runway for Marc Jacobs as the first androgynous supermodel, walking for male and female shows. She repeated this feat numerous times and later came out as transgender. 

As a result, Pejić was profiled by Vogue magazine. Later she signed a cosmetics contract with the internationally renowned brand. Making her the first openly transgender model to do so. She also became the first transgender woman to cover GQ magazine in 2016. 

Her visibility as a transgender supermodel has done wonders for advancing the acceptance of LGBT individuals in the fashion industry

Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the less well-known activists that are fighting for equality and human rights. It’s essential to recognize those who are doing great work. Because even if they don’t have fame, we would have no progress without them.

Do you know of any others that we can add to this list? Please let us know in the comments

As always, have a gay day!

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