Queer culture, Joe Biden is our false messiah

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris jokers of queer culture.

It is beyond my understanding why queer culture overwhelmingly supports the Biden-Harris administration or the democratic party. Yet, they have not done much to help us. That’s without bringing transgender or intersex people into the equation. 

Meanwhile, we see that the gays fervently opposed the previous administration run by Donald Trump. However, he outrightly favored inclusivity and aimed to help keep gay people from discrimination throughout his time as president. 

The biased media in the United States is increasingly causing uproars and dividing the gay community. Its wider than the Red Sea when Moses led the Jews out of Egyptian slavery. I mean, Biden himself is single-handedly leading our chariot back to the dark ages. Not to mention, his vice president is a difficult choice for the LGBTQ community. 

In our age of increasingly available, on-demand media, it is crucial to know who is spewing biased inaccuracies. It’s important so we can protect ourselves against the attacks on our civil rights. He’s done nothing to help other problems that affect us such as gay conversion therapy.

Unfortunately, it leaves us asking: who does this and how?

Culprits that promote bias, not facts

More than a handful of websites spread bias as a fact. Many of them impose ideologies about politics and how they affect the gay community. 

On YouTube you can find leading information for “promoting inclusivity” through attacks on ideologies not based on fact. Rather they are an opinion of people feeling compelled to further the divide in our community. 

Please don’t take my word for it. Just look at these headlines. They include radical language to compel the viewer to elicit a specifically negative personal response. 

Let’s throw identity politics out the window for a moment. Instead, let’s take a long hard look at the facts at hand. We can understand how the Biden administration has plagued our community with false hope through years of oppression. 

Marriage equality is a political power play for Biden.

How does a wolf in sheep’s clothing become the top pick of the gay community for the presidency? It’s called exploitation, and we see it everywhere. Legislative efforts 

On January 20, 2021, Joe Biden made an executive order on preventing and combating discrimination on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation.  This publication presents a stark contrast with his previous ideas regarding marriage, a fundamental right of ours as humans. 

His voting record proves this to be exploitative. For example, he voted along with 85 senators in favor of DOMA (The Defense Against Marriage Act). This defines marriage as a legal union between one man and one woman. So they can be husband and wife. That refutes equality and same-sex marriage and shows he doesn’t care for queer culture.

Oh, how the tables turn when votes are needed to secure a presidency. The continual theme of exploitation is not present only in politics but in business and celebrity culture worldwide. At what point do we begin to reject this and say no more?

HIV prevention is irrelevant for Biden

HIV is the single most detrimental disease for gay men in the USA and the world as we know it. 

The soaring costs of health care puts effective treatment medications out of reach for many gay Americans. The lifetime bill associated with the virus tops $350,000, making access to treatment unobtainable by the average American. 

Around 1.2 million people in the USA infected people have this insidious virus. Unfortunately, over 10% of those infected have no clue they carry the virus. This has a detrimental impact on society as we know it. 

Biden’s incoming administration did expand Trump’s HIV prevention program and offered some protection, but not for the right reason. Rather than being a pioneer and making a change, he piggybacked off of the federal program started by Donald Trump.

The democratic national Convention then criticized him for this policy, stating it is “damaging the effort of fighting aids.” 

Why has the 46th president stolen this policy relating to protecting the LGBT community? It’s a simple and easy way to appear compassionate. It makes him appear to promote fair treatment while not contributing anything new to help our community. 

Biden’s promises arent to us, the members of the gay community

Joe Biden and his administration have committed to federal efforts to promote queer culture in America. They said they will do this by appointing officials and judges who represent us. A promising statement; however, without specificity, we are going to be left in the dark. 

So, why has there not been gun reform? It’s a prevalent issue in the states? Because the details of the reform is causing the delay. As you know, we can’t have reform without specificity. I’m not comparing the gun violence epidemic – an atrocity being committed almost daily in the USA – to gay rights. Still, the root of the issue in these two causes are astoundingly similar.

Biden has not confirmed who he will choose for council and lead different country sectors. How can we be sure that he has our best interest at heart? 

Without specificity, this is simply a ploy to win our vote. The Biden facade aims to convince us that he has our best interest in mind. Yet, he will do what he wishes behind closed doors. How convenient considering the private setting in which they occur. Also, how does that promote rights for our queer culture?

What can we do?

The words of Janet Jackson, an icon in queer culture, should reign king -“what have you done for me lately?”

Under the Biden-Kamala Administration, there were some legal protections offered to LGBT individuals. However, since his first day in office, Biden has done nothing to advance the rights of queer American people. 

This president and his administration are click-baiting votes by exploiting our already oppressed community. Acceptance of homosexuality is dwindling in the States, and anti-LGBTQ violence is on the rise. And yet, nothing is being done to challenge this. Human rights are just a playground for this government.

Don’t be affected by the media or the broad answers provided by Biden’s administration. Choose what’s best for you. I know that I don’t let them muddle my perception of what is best for me. 

So, from one gay to another, I hope you can understand my perspective. Biden hurts queer culture. You can read more about gay thoughts on politics here

Until next time, have a gay day! 

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