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Welcome to Gaysays! We are so excited that you’re here with us, and we want to make sure you know how much we care about you. Our goal is to create a space where we in the queer community feel free, safe, and welcome to chat openly with each other is.


We talk about LGBTQ topics like gay lifestyle, gay politics, gay marriage rights, LGBTQ history, etc. And, All of our content is high quality and written by LGBTQ writers. This is important for us because we see so many online sites writing content for our community. But, our community has not written it.

In our online shop, we offer you a bit of inclusivity that you can purchase. Any purchase you make is going to help promote our lifestyle and the oppression we face daily. We must stand up and take a stance against our oppressors.

Please use this space to invite friends and family to learn more about us. It will help them to understand what they need to do to become an ally. If they are already allies, it will help them learn more about why we need to feel included. Here’s a huge hint, we have been used and abused for too long!

Have a look around

So, feel free to have a look around. We like it when people interact, and we are always open to answer new questions. If you want to contribute, click the contact button and shoot us a message. We will make sure that we respond and acknowledge you. That is a big part of our goal!

We recommend taking a look at the different pages on our website. All of them have different themes, but they are all related to the LGBTQ queer community. If you want to rock out in style, check out our store and let us know what you think about the merch. Our community members create all of the merch, and they all help you promote the advancement of our community.

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You can also check us out on twitter and instagram and shoot us a message. Have a gay day, Hunty!

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